Power Washing

Some Functions Of Power Washing

It is the use of high-pressure water ejection to remove mold, paint, dirt, dust, chewing gum, mud. Surfaces and objects such as concrete surfaces, buildings, and vehicles. Volume of a pressure washer is represented in liters and gallons per minute, in the pump and is not variable. Pressure, expressed in pounds per square inch, pascals or bars, is designed in the pump. But the valve settings of the discharger can be changed.

Pressure washers are used interchangeably in many scenarios. A pressure washer surface cleaner is a tool. Consisting of up to four high-pressure jets on a rotating bar that rotates when the water comes out. Pressure washing uses a jet of water under pressure to clean stains. And dirt and other debris from a variety of surfaces. However, pressure washing increases the pressure when the water used is hot and used to clean the surface. This action creates a fast speed cleaning on flat surfaces.

Areas of use

Homeowners and businesses that use pressure washing to minimize hazards, reduce allergies and improve aesthetics. The washing machine is used to clean surfaces such as sidewalks, culverts, driveways, cars, decks, parking lots, patios, ceilings, dead way.

Therefore, pressure washing is a solution for smaller areas. As decks, access roads and other areas around your house. For larger commercial jobs that use a pressure washer, ultimately. It will give you a rare solution that is fast and cheap, that is, fewer hours and done with a higher quality. Depending on the surface to be cleaned, a higher or lower pressure should be used, as well as the appropriate nozzle.


Pressure wash nozzles change the direction of flow and the speed of water. The nozzles allow users to reach a greater distance and apply more pressure to a surface that is difficult to clean, but they can be dangerous. The nozzles are color-coded for easy identification, with black nozzles covering the largest degree and red nozzles covering the smallest degree. Great care must be taken when using a red spray nozzle, as it can cause injuries to the person in charge and damage to the surfaces.


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