Floor Installation Tips

Floor Installation Tips. The tools to install wood floors are tools used by carpenters. Therefore when using specialized nailers will reduce the time of installation of floors. Professional teams use nailers and special equipment to fasten the planks. They use carpentry tools, such as table saws, power cutting saws, jigsaws and circular saws, among others to cut the planks. There are many options for wood floors, since they can be placed with glue or nails, although they can be floating floors.

More Tips For Installing Floors

Floor Installation Tips. A wooden floor installation can last depending on the good preparation of the floor. Completely removing the subsoil is usually the best option. The surfaces must be flat and smooth to level the floor. It is advisable to install a counter plywood floor when it is not smooth and safe. Do a test to detect any moisture problem, using a meter. Do not install any wooden floor that does not resist wet conditions. Remove the moldings from the feet of the socket before installing the floor.

Floor Installation Tips advantages

Floor Installation Tips. To eliminate chipping, you must use fine tooth carbide blades to cut hardwood floors. If you are going to use engineered floorboards, sag down to prevent chipping. You also have to make sure there are narrow expansion spaces on the wall. It is not recommended that you hit the floor boards with a hammer. You must follow the recommendations for what the installation is successful.

Advantages of solid and hard wood floors.

Advantages of solid wood floors. It can be sanded and painted several times during its useful life. The thick layers of the floors are better and offer a solid feeling under the feet. The sound transmission is better even than the hardwood designed. It is normal that your sale is unfinished, so you can dye in the color you want.

Advantages of hardwood floors designed. They are very stable floors, especially when they make contact with the concrete floor. It is even cheaper than solid wood. Its installation is easier compared to solid wood. Hard wood, usually its sale is pre-finished, which reduces the work required and its installation is easy.


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